The Reincarnation of Titanic – Titanic 3D

Rated as one of the greatest flicks ever made in Hollywood, the winner of many Oscars, Titanic is back again to hit the theatres worldwide. Producer Jon Landau has reincarnated Titanic in 3D format which is scheduled to be released on the 5th day of April this year. It took almost 60 weeks, 300 people, 2, 79,000 frames, $18 million and a mammoth painstaking effort from the entire team of John Landau to make the new 3D version of Titanic.

Leonardo DiCaprio – Kate Winslet starrer Titanic’s new 3D ‘avatar’ will going to be released on 5th April world over and will also commemorate the 100 years of the tragic sinking of the Titanic on 12th April 1912. As according to John Landau, who was on a three day trip to India for the promotion of  Titanic in 3D said, “”We wanted to release the film during the anniversary so that people remember the tragedy which was avoidable. ”

Titanic 3D

About the new Titanic 3D release John Landau was really excited and upbeat, “It was very exciting to see the film. It was like watching the film for the first time.” John Landau also shared the reaction of Leonardo and Kate on watching the Titanic 3D with the media. He said, “Leo and Kate watched the 18 minute of the 3D footage, separately. Their first reaction was `Oh My God`. How young I look…I am not like that anymore. But as they started watching the movie they forgot about it and were caught by the story.”

John Landau has great expectations from the new version of Titanic and said that the 3D Titanic will charm both the young and old audience alike. Titanic 3D will give a unique experience to the audience with its three dimensional effects. 3D Titanic will also be a totally refreshing experience for the audience who had watched the movie only on the small screens. John Landau emphasized that people in India will certainly love to see the new Titanic 3D. He said, “We want to share it with everyone”.

The 3D formatted Titanic is all set to rock the Cinema and the Entertainment Industry all over the world. Titanic’s new creation has been a techno-artistic process and will surely give an altogether different experience to the cinema lovers. The Titanic 3D enhances the drama shown in the movie and takes it to a new level of excitement. Fifteen years after creating history Titanic’s re-entry as Titanic 3D would surely be eagerly awaited by the world’s audience and would be among the top events to look forward to in the coming week.