Samsung Chat 527 Features and Price

As we know that in our life mobiles are playing a very vital role in making communication with each other. Mobiles are the ways of convey our opinions, information and messages to the other people with in a minute by which we can easily communicate to the other person and we can do our work very easily and quick or we can give any type of information very easily. There are many uses of mobiles now a day. Today every person has a mobile; it is useful in various ways like for entertainment, for business dealings, for communication, for giving and getting information and for social terms also. So mobiles are the necessity of today’s people for different types of work.

There are many companies who are manufacturing different types of mobiles with different features and qualities for the customers preferences in which some companies are famous like NOKIA, Blackberry, and LG etc. In these companies SAMSUNG is also famous in the field of telecommunication; it is manufacturing different types of mobiles with many great and attractive features and facilities. Customers are also giving preferences for these and the prices of these mobiles are also suitable according to the people of different standards. Different types of models have been made by this company with various features, in this range SAMSUNG CHAT 527 is also a great and attractive model has been manufactured by Samsung.

Samsung Chat 527 Mobile

Samsung Chat 527 is another model of Samsung Chat series after Chat 222 and Chat 322. Samsung Chat 527 is more costly than its previous version. Samsung Chat series is affordable Qwerty phone. Samsung Chat 527 cost Rs. 5498 (Price can be differ state wise).

Samsung Chat 527 is 3G enabled phone which just weight only 96g. Its design in refined with metallic exterior which gives sophisticated appeal. It comes with 2MP VGA Camera, 40MB internal memory and external memory supports up to 16GB microSD card.

Samsung Chat 527 Features

Fast Wireless Network

In it we can easily and fast access for the internet, we can use email from anywhere and we can surf the web. HSDPA 7.2 is so fast and by Wi-Fi system we will connected around the world through social networking system, it is very stylish metallic design and we can do our work quick and easy.
Convenient Messaging

We can check our emails and send these emails very easily and receive it also from this mobile, we can set up multiple accounts for the access to Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. We can send massages by using Samsung Messenger (Cha@tON) it is a new and easy way to transfer our files from this mobile.

Rich Entertainment Tools

We can use the music library for our entertainment and we can entertain at any time by using earphones with 3.5mm audio jack for playing games which are downloaded from the Samsung Apps, it provides a fun for everyone when we want.

Mobile Socializing

By popular social networking system we can connect our friends and family by different methods and by massaging programs. You will always be in touch with everyone and cannot loose, you can use the face book also.

Well Refined Design

Its design is also very stylish and attractive by using it you can stay in style also, it offers a refined and good design which makes you stylish. By using QWERTY keyboard we can type very long messages very easily and fast.

By using new technologies there are different companies who are manufacturing different types of mobiles and the want to make ourselves different from each other with many new features and stylish look also but the mobiles should be according to the tastes of the customers so that it should be convenient and easy by which all people can use these mobile very easy and quick because we know that in this world now a days there is no time for long time consuming technologies every person want to make his work so easy and quick, every person has different type of works and he want to makes his profit quick with in a very short time. By growing technologies and for the convenient of the people Samsung has made this mobile; it is so cheapest and easy in use.

Thus we can hope that Samsung Chat 527 will be very useful for everyone and the people can enjoy by purchasing it and they can make the entertainment with their friends also.