Rockstar Movie Worth Watching

Released on the auspicious date 11.11.11 the much awaited movie Rockstar found its place among the hearts of the audience. After getting the mixed reaction about the Shahrukh Khan’s Ra-One people were eagerly waiting for the release of Ranbeer Kapoor starrer Rockstar movie.

Ranbeer Kapoor has already proved himself in the past that he is more than a portfolio and a surname with his stark ability to connect with the audience in a brand new style each and every time and this time he played an unprecedented role of a Rockstar.

Directed by Imtiaz Ali known for his uniqueness about the subject again proved that he is unlike the traditional directors and makes his path with elite style. The movie has honesty and depth and makes everybody feels like a rockstar when he comes out of the theatre.

Storyline: Janardan Jakhar (Ranbir Kapoor), a middle-class Haryanvi kid from Delhi’s Pitampura who always had a longing to become a popular rockstar like Jim Morrison but finds himself in a morose condition when he’s told that he can’t be a great musician until he’s suffered great pain. Being mislead Janardhan goes from a desperate struggler strumming his guitar at campus, bus stand and other places but everywhere he was humiliated.

In the meanwhile JJ gets close to Heer ( Nargis Fakhri) who is a Kashmiri girl who blows hot and cold and finds both love and loss in the form of the rich and statuesque Heer. She gets married to a NRI and goes away from his life, the real reason of his future fame as a Rockstar. A foreign tour reunites him with Heer and their passive passion rekindles until Jordan is obsessed with her. The struggling roadside guitarist soon becomes a famous rockstar and shows the middle finger to whole world who gave them the same salute during his struggling years.

The first half showed the mindblowing love story chemistry between the actors while the second half gets little stagnant. The youngster shares an explosive chemistry with her co-star, which makes the impulses of their characters and the film despite with some flaws still find a deep place in the hearts and the directors has shown that he is the master of old wine in new bottle and proves again himself.

Music given by A.R.Rehman never dismays you and the songs of the movie are also worth listening. Overall, Rockstar is a heart-felt, inflexible vision of an astute filmmaker and it is bound to generate polarizing responses. Either you will be able to see and listen what remains unsaid or you will find the unfolded side of the drama where you can’t find the answers about the questions regarding his love and the unexpected climax. Our rating to the film is 3.5/5.