Interesting OLX India TV Ad Campaign

OLX India has become one of the most popular online marketing platforms for selling and buying products of various categories. It has quickly grown to become the favorite hosting place for free classified ads online.

Actually OLX was started by Fabrice Grinda in the year 2006 and is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It offers an integrated platform for buying, selling, trading, organizing, discussing and meeting people near you. The site is presently running in more than 96 countries which include India.

Moreover OLX India TV Ad Campaign has received much appreciation from the Indian viewers and has helped OLX India to widen its base among Indian online buyers and sellers. OLX India TV Ad Campaign is being aired since 2011 and has recently been extended on the Radio network too.

OLX India

The institutional TV ad campaign of OLX India focuses on the concept of “Where Buyers Meet Sellers” and presents various ads which showcase funny and humorous TV ads to highlight the advantage of advertising online with the free classified ad website. With the tagline as “Sab Kutch Bitka Hai” or Everything Sells, the TV ads by OLX have been successful in communicating the idea what the website helps them to accomplish so much so that almost every person watching TV is well aware about OLX India.

OLX India TV Ad Campaign has drawn much attention of people from every walk of life and has realized the importance of classified ads website. The OLX TV ads show real life situation which the people can easily identify with. The OLX TV ads depict common problems faced by people in selling olds goods, articles or unused products and also present them with an effective solution in the form of using online classified ads with OLX India.

Another advantage of using OLX India is the fact that its user interface is extremely easy to use and navigation through the various categories and subcategories is easy too. OLX India also provides other useful options to the online users too. It lets you design rich and colorful ads with pictures and you can use videos in it too. It gives you the facility to have a control on various activities like selling, buying and community activity as well.

And this is not the end to what OLX India lets you do. You can even display the ads on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. OLX India can also be surfed through other mobile digital devices like mobiles, smartphones, tablets and can even view the site in your own local language as it supports 40 different languages worldwide.

On the whole, OLX India website is one of the best online places to host free classified ads which have become much popular with the
Indian masses thanks to the successful OLX India TV Ad Campaign.

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