How to Know Weather of your City

Weather is not same everyday it changes a lot. These days because of global warming predicting weather is not easy. In some countries they are getting too cold or hot. Knowing weather condition can help us to prepare.

Weather surprise us with sudden changes, one day it not that cold and another they it’s too cold to tackle. Most of us like to know the weather situation around us. For this we normally check our news paper.

If you are internet savvy then you can get live weather details for all around the world. There are various way to get weather information online or on your desktop. – is great source for getting latest weather details online. Just enter ZIP code or city name it will give you the option of related cities and choose it. You will Today’s weather details and you have different options to see whether for Tomorrow, 5 Days, 10 days etc.

Desktop Widget – If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 then you can add default Weather Widget on your desktop. It will show you live weather details you can customize it as per your requirement. If you don’t have Windows Vista or Windows 7 don’t worry you can install Yahoo Widget which support desktop widget and there are many desktop weather widget available. Desktop Software – This is free desktop software by which will show you live weather report and future weather prediction. This software gives you in-depth whether details right on your desktop.

YoWindow Desktop Software – YoWindow is another weather desktop software which shows latest weather reports with animated images according day timing. It also shows future weather predictions.