Earn with Online Paid Surveys India

Now days people are very negative about paid surveys because of bad experiences they faced in past. There were many Paid Surveys company in India but most of their business plan was suspicious even after that people getting connected with those companies.

What are Paid Surveys?

Paid surveys are they way to earn by completing surveys which ask some information or opinion about product or services. By taking surveys companies get very useful information which helps them to promote their product or try to create product as per user’s requirement.

Most of the companies give survey work to other companies who are expert in conducting surveys. Survey companies charge amount per surveys from companies who want to conduct surveys. These survey companies share their revenue with members who complete these surveys. This is a great way for people and survey companies to earn.

I have long experience of paid surveys but only of online paid surveys not the local companies who came with so attractive plan hard to believe. I always suggested my friends not to join these risky plans as legitimate paid surveys companies don’t give so good return.
Legitimate paid survey companies pay just $1-10 (Rs. 50 to 500) for very long surveys which can take 15 minutes to an hour but suspicious paid survey companies pay Rs 500 for 5 minute survey which is hard to believe.

Legitimate paid survey companies do not ask for any registration fee but these local companies charge Rs 5000 to 15000 again very suspicious. So joining paid surveys giving registration fee is not legitimate, never pay for joining paid surveys.

If you are interested in earning with paid surveys then go for joining legitimate paid survey companies. Legitimate paid survey companies don’t pay much and regularly. They match available surveys with users profile and send that surveys to those members who qualify the survey requirement. You can get limited surveys per month and you can expect to earn from Rs. 50 to 250 per surveys.

Better way to earn more from paid surveys is that join as many as legitimate paid survey companies you can. You can get many paid surveys from different companies which will help you to earn more. I know many legitimate paid survey companies who do not charge anything for joining and send paid surveys regularly to members. Not just that there payment record is also very good. If you are interested in joining these paid surveys companies then here is the list of free to join paid survey companies who accept members from India.

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