Comedy Movie Rascals Review

Rascals, a so called comedy film by David Dhawan was released on the occasion of Dusshera on 6th October, 2011 in all theatres and multiplex of India. But for those who wanted to spent their 3 hours of the evening of Dusshera while watching Rascals in theatres and didn’t reached there for some reason was like escaping from despair as you would have find nothing interesting and comic in the movie.

Starring Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan as swindlers in the movie, the director was not sure what he was trying to present to the audience. Although David Dhawan has been in fame because of his comic timings and gags but Rascals is somewhat like a film without any hard efforts and seems to be squeezed out of the sponge to spread over the celluloid. Invariably the director tries to obscure the shallowness in the story by adding depth only in loudness of the dialogue delivery.

The story of the film is based on two conmen Sanjay Dutt (Chetan) and Ajay Devgan (Bhagat) who just keep on beguiling others. On the course they find Kangna Ranaut in Bangkok as their next target by trying to win her as she is loaded with assets (both financial and physical). But their lecherous rivalry only seems to be about who would get to hug the cleavage-popping girl more number of times. Both Kangna and Lisa Haydon (another flesh for both swindlers) just prove as pea-brained objects of lust with absolutely no self-respect for themselves or their tribe.

The movie neither catches up content wise nor comic timings. All you get a mixed mash of tasteless comedy. Kangna fails to develop a strong camaraderie with the role and just proves as a funny object. The 2D animation and small surprise in the climax also doesn’t register much.

Overall, the movie sounds stale and the tone of humor is consistently loud and commotional. Ajay Devgan keeps screaming most of the time while Sanjay Dutt in contrast loves the silence. Accumulating every aspect Rascals ends up being a silly and stupid comedy!!